The Covid-19 virus also has a hold on Euro Pizza Products. We are doing everything we can to get our company and our employees as safe and healthy as possible through the Corona pandemic. Read more about our approach.


The past few months have been a real roller coaster ride – from a complete shutdown of the food service industry to our Take Away and Delivery customers experiencing insane demand.

Two extremes in a short space of time.

A study by Chicago-based market research firm Datassential showed that pizza ranked at the top of foods ordered by consumers during lockdown.

These are definitely challenging times, especially for the food service industry.

But now’s the time to innovate! Lots of organisations are looking for innovations to increase the efficiency and food safety of pizza preparations.

We believe frozen pizza dough is the perfect solution.

The Covid-19 virus also has a hold on Euro Pizza Products.
We are doing everything we can to get our company and our employees as safe and healthy as possible through the Corona pandemic.
Most of our colleagues now work from home and we have taken extensive measures to protect our colleagues in our factory, logistics and customer service.
Our distribution network is 100% operational and we steadily deliver to our valued customers as we always have.
We wish all our partners a lot of strength and success in these difficult times.
Although the sales team works from home, we are at your disposal for questions and information, or to discuss future opportunities.

Pizza export Sweden

Together with the other Scandinavian countries, Sweden is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. Sweden is famous for its beautiful cities, breath-taking nature and unspoilt wilderness.

dough production

Behind the resounding success of Euro Pizza Products is a team of more than 60 enthusiastic professionals. Euro Pizza Products employees share a passion for their work – and for pizza – but are willing to go the extra mile to make a genuine difference for you. For this edition of our newsletter, we interviewed the head of production, Peter Struijke!

Tutti Dough Ball made out of fresh dough

For those customers who are looking for a simple & lower-priced dough ball, we have developed the ‘Tutti’ dough.

In this section of the newsletter we put the spotlight on the trends, developments and knowledge of a particular country. All eyes are on France in this edition. Vive la France!

The global trend is to eat food that is healthier, high in fibre and varied. As a dough maker, we are always innovating and experimenting with new ingredients.

We have come up with the following result: The ancient grain dough is something we have developed for our customers to offer a healthy alternative to a normal dough ball. It contains teff and quinoa seeds, buckwheat, oats, spelt flour and more.

In the past, caterers mainly served unhealthy food. This has changed and the current demand for fresh and healthy meals has grown enormously.

Euro Pizza Products assesses and refreshes its pizza concepts every year. These concepts can be found in different well-known caterers in the Netherlands and abroad. These caterers work in the business world, educational institutions and the care sector.

Almost everyone has tried a pretzel once in their life. The pretzel was first discovered almost 1,400 years ago. Bakers have come up with a wide range of shapes and flavours. The history of this snack shows its versatility. That is why as a maker of pizza dough, we even attempted to make the Pizza Pretzel. It worked!

Behind the success of Euro Pizza Products is a team of over 50 enthusiastic professionals. Besides sharing a passion for their work and for pizza, our employees are prepared to go the extra mile for you and really make a difference. For this edition of the newsletter we interviewed our Customer Service Manager, Bas Panis.

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All our frozen dough is made from 100% natural ingredients, 100% GMO-free and contains no trans fats.

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