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In this section of the newsletter we put the spotlight on the trends, developments and knowledge of a particular country. In this edition: Germany! When they think about typical Germany food, most people think of bratwurst, schnitzels and beer. So how about Germany and pizza?

Germany is certainly a country of pizza lovers. You can order a pizza at every street corner. Pizzerias, grill rooms, chains and restaurants: in Germany you can find them all. Most of them are open from 11 am to 11 pm.

German pizza dough contains a relatively large amount of salt compared to dough used in the rest of Europe. Pizzas are also topped with plenty of toppings like pepperoni, and the cheese used has a pretty strong flavour. 

There is a German pizza variant called flammkuchen. The base is made from very thin dough and it is traditionally topped with onion rings, crème fraîche and streaky bacon. Because of its light character, people love to eat it for lunch.

Due to particular political and economic developments in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to remain profitable in the German pizza market. The introduction of the minimum wage has increased wage costs significantly, putting the profit margins of entrepreneurs under a great deal of pressure.

The use of Euro Pizza Products’ frozen dough can help German entrepreneurs reduce wage costs and raw material costs, and lower depreciation. 

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