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Currently, the trend in Spain is all about serving rectangular pizza, commonly known as the “Coca”. A Coca is a rectangular pizza that is 120 long and 40 cm wide. It is pretty similar to Al Taglio dough and has more of a bread structure than a normal pizza, because it is 1.5 cm thick.


The Coca is often served straight out of the oven, and customers can then pick how big a slice they want. Spain is an authentic tapas country, so not surprisingly Coca slices are often served as tapas

When compared to other European countries, pizza delivery is not really a thing in Spain. This is partly because due to the favourable climate and Mediterranean culture, the Spanish people tend to live more outdoors in their spare time.

People often bring their own food or, in the city, they get a takeaway from one of the restaurants that can be found on every street corner.

If you’d like to serve Coca in your own restaurant or chain, please contact us!

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