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In recent years, we have noticed that particular eating trends tend to return with time. 

Consumers find the use of fresh ingredients and the correct portion size important, but also believe that consumers should have the option to “customise”.

Some of our clients are caterers. But which products do they actually use, and why are these particular products suitable for this specific market?

The Personal Pizza

This pizza as a freshly prepared quick snack based on a ready-to-use 15 cm pizza made from our own dough, giving the client the opportunity to “customise” the pizza and top it with fresh ingredients.

The benefits (according to the caterers):
personal pizza euro pizza products

  • Easy to use
  • Ready in 2 minutes
  • Little waste
  • The experience of an authentic pizza.

Focaccia Bread

Quick, easy and tasty. Focaccia breads offer caterers the opportunity to serve a large number of portions at once.

A large, artisan focaccia bread can be topped with whatever takes the guest’s/client’s fancy in no time at all.


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