The Covid-19 virus also has a hold on Euro Pizza Products. We are doing everything we can to get our company and our employees as safe and healthy as possible through the Corona pandemic. Read more about our approach.


In the past, caterers mainly served unhealthy food. This has changed and the current demand for fresh and healthy meals has grown enormously.

Euro Pizza Products assesses and refreshes its pizza concepts every year. These concepts can be found in different well-known caterers in the Netherlands and abroad. These caterers work in the business world, educational institutions and the care sector.

Catering – Business Sector

In recent years we have noticed that caterers in the business sector have rapidly expanded their range with global dishes such as wok, fish and chips and of course, pizza! In the business sector, the health and activity levels of employees is becoming increasingly more important to employers, which is why the demand for fresh and healthy food is growing.

Catering – Education Sector

In almost all school canteens, frying has been replaced with an extensive, fresh and healthy range of food. This is also happening in the educational institutions where Euro Pizza Products can be found. For a few years, educational institutions have been able to obtain the label silver, gold or ideal from The Netherlands Nutrition Centre Foundation. An ideal canteen is made up of products from the food pyramid, which also includes wholemeal products. The wholemeal or multigrain dough ball from Euro Pizza Products with a healthy topping is highly suitable for serving in this setting.

Catering – Care Sector

Providing healthy and high-fibre food for quicker recovery or going into an operation in a fitter state was an untapped area for a long time. A Euro Pizza Products dough ball is made from 100% natural ingredients and adding a healthy and varied topping can help with this.

Do you want to serve a pizza at one of your locations? Or would you like to add a product or concept? Then get in touch with us!

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