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Fresh, convenient, and fast. That’s what the trends in both the “To-go” segment and the “Pub” market are all about. And because Euro Pizza Products keeps a close eye on the market, the shifts within these two markets have certainly not escaped us. Once upon a time, these segments were dominated by convenience food, but now the demand for our dough products is growing.

#1 Pizza To-go
Everyone knows that nowadays the “To-go” market wants fresh, healthy products. In the past, vendors solely sold “unhealthy” snacks like donuts and hotdogs. These days you’ll find more and more vendors who sell salads, smoothies and ... fresh pizza! So what does this mean for pizza in the “To-go” market? Well, consumers have had enough of readymade products. They want to be able to see how the food they eat is made. On the streets you often see food vendors with a stone oven nowadays. “Personal” pizzas with a thin base are finished on the spot at a high temperature, which only takes two or three minutes.

Needless to say, Euro Pizza Products has exactly the right dough ball for this! And it’s made from 100% natural ingredients, so that adds to the healthy character of the pizza.

#2 Pizza and Pubs
We have noticed similar developments within the pub market. In the old days, pubs used to just serve simple snacks. Nowadays, pubs have open kitchens that prepare fresh food. And that’s where we can find lots of opportunities for our dough products.

The pub trend started in London and is now spreading across Europe. On 6th February we’ll be attending the Pub Show in London to get the latest news on the most recent developments.

Like to meet us there? Then contact us right away!

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