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Fresh, experience and speed. All terms that definitely reflect the trends within both the retail and petrol markets. At Euro Pizza Products, we always keep a close eye on the markets. So we were ready to pounce on the shift in the retail and petrol markets. Both of them used to be dominated by full convenience, but now there is a gap for our dough products!


#1. Retail
Currently one of the main developments in the retail market is the blurring of the line between supermarkets and speciality shops. Established supermarkets are now integrating food service elements such as fresh rolls, sushi and pizza. In the past, you went to the supermarket to do your daily shopping, and that was that. Nowadays, many supermarkets have delis and fresh food departments. The prediction is that within five to ten years, the food market will be dominated by players that focus on fresh and authentic products.

Euro Pizza Products can play a major part in this, because we’re the ones who supply the dough balls for fresh pizza and so-called “pizza kits”. We already offer various dough concepts in a number of supermarkets and fresh markets. For example, the customer can put together his or her own pizza and either eat it straightaway or take it home. These concepts are really taking off because the customer gets the ultimate fresh experience based on pure ingredients without suspicious additives.

#2. Petrol
We have observed similar changes in the petrol market too. Petrol stations are increasingly offering fresh products instead of their standard fare.

To improve the petrol station experience, they have started to use more open kitchens and the decoration has been thoroughly overhauled. Fresh breads and high quality burgers are attractively presented and the coffee they serve is getting better and better.

Euro Pizza Products supplies a number of petrol stations that implement the fresh concept. They use our dough to create large, 45 cm pizzas, which are often sold by the slice, or even “Al Taglio” (Italian for cutting) where the customer can pick the size of the portion cut from a sheet pan pizza.

Wondering which concept works best for you? Then please contact us on + 31203473888 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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