The Covid-19 virus also has a hold on Euro Pizza Products. We are doing everything we can to get our company and our employees as safe and healthy as possible through the Corona pandemic. Read more about our approach.


Behind the success of Euro Pizza Products is a team of over 50 enthusiastic professionals. Besides sharing a passion for their work and for pizza, our employees are prepared to go the extra mile for you and really make a difference. For this edition of the newsletter we interviewed our international account manager & product developer: Ton Gerritsen.

We take our inspiration from trendsetting pizza brands and from our customers too. We recently discovered the product below: Pizza Dough Rolls. Many consumers and customers are already fans of this great new product. And we don’t want you to miss out!

In this section of the newsletter we put the spotlight on the trends, developments and knowledge of a particular country. In this edition: Germany! When they think about typical Germany food, most people think of bratwurst, schnitzels and beer. So how about Germany and pizza?

As a global player, we are keen to go to places where we can meet our customers. That is why we’ll be visiting the world’s largest trade fairs this year: The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas and the largest food fair in Asia, the FHA (Food & Hotel Asia) in Singapore, where we will be exhibiting our products.

Everyone loves pizza and, obviously, his or her health too.

Fresh, convenient, and fast. That’s what the trends in both the “To-go” segment and the “Pub” market are all about. And because Euro Pizza Products keeps a close eye on the market, the shifts within these two markets have certainly not escaped us. Once upon a time, these segments were dominated by convenience food, but now the demand for our dough products is growing.

FROM THE PIZZA BUSINESS. As dough experts, we are keen to be at the forefront of dough development at all times. This goal led to the creation of our latest new product: a dough ball that can be used to create a delicious doner sandwich.

In this section of the newsletter we put the spotlight on the trends, developments and knowledge of a particular country. This edition: Japan! Most people think “sushi, sashimi, fish” when they think about Japan. So what’s all this about Japan and pizza?

A pizza corner in the supermarket? A mise-en-place for your company catering? Pizza at your holiday park buffet, or just a really delicious slice of pizza? No problemo!

Who is the best Pizza chef in the United Kingdom?

And the winner for 2017 is: Daniele Bocardi of Zero Degrees! Daniele surprised everyone with the unique “Fennel Sausage and Pumpkin Pizza”!

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