The Covid-19 virus also has a hold on Euro Pizza Products. We are doing everything we can to get our company and our employees as safe and healthy as possible through the Corona pandemic. Read more about our approach.


Wondering how you can create a delicious flatbread with one of Euro Pizza Products’ 40-gram dough balls?

Our dough consists of six ingredients that each have their own function and thus create the perfect pizza together: water, flour, salt, sugar, yeast and oil. In this edition, we would like to tell you more about one of our ingredients: Water.

In recent years, we have noticed that particular eating trends tend to return with time. 

Because continuous innovation is imperative if you want to stay ahead, Euro Pizza Products made further investments in the optimisation of its production facilities this autumn.

Did you know that dough balls from Euro Pizza Products can also be used to make hamburger buns?

In October 2015, we sent newsletter 4, wondering what was in here?

Today we would like to inspire you directly from our own kitchen..

In October 2015, we sent newsletter 3, wondering what was in here?

One of our customers 'Van der Valk Versmarkt' recently added a fresh pizza kit in its range for the retail market.

Hoogvliet opened its second Versmarkt last Thursday which can be found in Zaltbommel (Netherlands).

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Specialist in producing the best pizza dough since 1993.


All our frozen dough is made from 100% natural ingredients, 100% GMO-free and contains no trans fats.

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